Why the incubator?

In 60 days incubation program is designed for helping early stage startups to move ideas into a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) stage. The program curriculum will cover subjects that entrepreneurs need, in order to systematically approach Customer Discovery, Design Thinking, Product Development, Pitch Deck design, Market Sizing, Bootstrapping, Fundraising - everything an early stage startups needs to cover but teams find it hard to get support in our market. 3 months of intense learning from inhouse and expert mentors will help founders to prepare an investment ready pitch deck to face investors. No equity is required but the program will cost Tk. 30,000 after acceptance into the incubator.


Just because it is a cool product does not mean the market wants it. Since problems and solutions are subjective, as an entrepreneur you need to fully understand them in relation to the other. Learn what makes your idea worth exploring, and what does not.


Know what your consumer really wants, and how they want it. A good product is a one that firstly provides certain utility better than any other. Secondly, one that the consumer not only want, but are also willing to pay for. See how to approach product development if you’re in your early stages.


Impress the investors with a full proof business pitch. Acquiring funds require a set of key information to be collected, tracked, and effectively presented. Learn how to be pitch perfect.

Batch 1 Startups

What We Offer


  • Investment counseling from fund managers of IDLC Venture Capital fund I
  • Investment Linkage and Exclusive Fundraising Mentorship from Edge Research & Consulting

Online session

Attend the expert sessions online. Instead of pushing through traffic for the sessions, attend them from your offices or homes. Get your assignments and worksheets. Complete them as mandated to assess the performance potential of your business.

Weekly office hours for one on one mentorship

Meet the experts for one on one mentorship and discuss the business problems you’re facing. Get expert insights on your KPI deliverables.

What is in the curriculum?

1st month

Know Your

2nd month


3rd month


Meet the Mentors




Application Launch






Program Starts





Eligibility & FAQ


As founders or teams, you are eligible for this program if you meet the following criteria:

  • You already have a business idea or product prototype that is ready to work.
  • Your application/pitch deck provides evidence of work done and indicate unwavering commitment to work further.
  • You must be willing to attend all the online sessions and complete assignments; in order to make full use of the one on one KPI sessions.
  • Willingness to pay 3 months program fee of Tk.30,000 after acceptance to the incubator
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Frequently asked question

  • Investment counseling from fund managers of IDLC VC fund
  • Financial modeling from Light Castle Partners
  • Investment mentorship and Introduction to investors by Edge Consulting
The duration of the program is 60 days; from the date of joining the program (15th September, 2019) till the graduation day (28th December, 2019).
The program is a combination of online sessions, and one to one offline KPI sessions with the mentors. Teams will be provided some exclusive online mentoring sessions which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. After taking the lesson, the teams will be given an assignment which they have to complete before the KPI meeting with the mentors. In the KPI meeting, teams will have the chance to talk about the problems faced in their assignment/ task and how to solve it.
  • Attendance of at least one team member in every KPI Session
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) set by the mentors to be reached by the third month
  • Completing the 3 months program will qualify as graduation but only teams with functional prototype with real user will pitch at demo day
If you complete the 3 months program then you will graduate but only teams with functional prototype with real user will pitch at demo day
  • You have a Minimum Viable Product that you can test out in the market
  • You become ready for pitching your idea to investors anytime, anywhere
  • Exposure to our network of investors
  • Startup Dhaka will have the first right of refusal to invest in your company upon graduation
Beside the general absence of programs for early stage startups, Startup Dhaka Incubator is unique in using a hybrid approach, where learning is online and KPI sessions are tailored to your business needs. Besides, you don’t have to give up your equity to join our program.
Yes, it is a full time program. At least one member of your team must be present in the KPI session occurring once a week. That means you can work full time and still participate in our program.
Startup Dhaka will have the first right of refusal to invest in your company upon graduation. It will also create investment linkages and help showcase your startup in its investor network provided you are investiable as deem by the program.
No, However, there will be a possibility of getting grants from Startup Bangladesh (no guarantee)
15 teams will be selected. Based on the progress they make 10 teams will move on the 2nd month and then 7 teams will be shortlisted for 3rd month and to pitch at Demo Day.
Your business idea may become a project that will be able to scale with the support from partners that include locally entrenched Venture Capital(VC) investors and incubators/accelerators. This extended network will allow your startup to take advantage of program exchanges, mentoring sessions, on-demand expertise and additional avenues for funding.
The total cost of the program is Tk. 30,000 for 3 months. You can make the payment in 3 separate and equal monthly installments (BDT 10,000 per installment). Teams who will not move on to the next months will only have to pay for the attending months.
Any type of business idea is welcome to apply. We are looking to incubate startups and support teams working on businesses to create scalable business models.
Your idea submission should include details such as –
  • What problem(s) your customer is/are facing
  • Solution you want to provide and what value you can provide
  • Who is your targeted customer segments and which addressed market has the opportunity?
  • Basic information about you and your team (if applicable)
The following are the criteria (not limited to) that will be used to select an idea:
  • Clearly identifies the pain point or need of a customer
  • How the idea addresses the identified pain point
  • Size of the market for the opportunity
While you may want to look into trademarking and copyrighting your intellectual property with your lawyer, we aren’t interested in your ideas. We’re here to make your business grow to make gainful impact in efforts of developing the startup ecosystem of Bangladesh.
No, you do not have to give up equity to join the program. However, Startup Dhaka will have the first right of refusal to invest in your company upon graduation.